J.S. Held expands forensic accounting practice with the acquisition of HSNO. View press release.


Company Background

J.S. Held is a leading consulting firm specializing in construction, forensic architectural & engineering services, and environmental consulting services.

Our organization is built upon three fundamental pillars:
* to provide high-quality technical expertise;
* to deliver an unparalleled client experience; and
* to be a catalyst for change in our industry.

Our commitment to these pillars positions us as a leading global consulting firm, respected for our exceptional success addressing complex construction and environmental matters in the world.

Our team is a group of multi-talented professionals, bringing together years of technical field experience among all facets of projects including commercial, industrial, high rise, special structures, governmental, residential, and infrastructure. Our uncompromising commitment to our clients ensures our position as one of the most prominent consulting firms in our industry.

Our Vision

J.S. Held is dedicated to being the global leader in providing multi-disciplinary consulting services. We are committed to recruiting and cultivating top industry talent to build a collaborative and diverse team of experts. We leverage our vast and varied intellectual resources with our core values to provide an unrivaled client experience.

Corporate Values

J.S. Held has maintained its reputation for world class construction technical expertise and unparalleled client service through our deep commitment to our core values.

J.S. Held values people – both our employees and clients. Our team demonstrates integrity, excellence, teamwork, innovation, safety, and responsiveness in every employee and client interaction.

Our commitment to provide the best class of technical expertise and our core values positions us as the leading consulting firm in the world.

Project Approach

Our work is distinguished for three specific reasons.

First, we provide our consultants with a comprehensive quality control training program, that ensures a consistent work product of the highest caliber. Clients will find that our meticulous attention to detail produces the precision required for superior performance.

Secondly, we believe that every successful project is the result of a comprehensive plan and execution. To ensure this success, we assemble project teams with the relevant expertise to address the specifics of the assigned project, leveraging the best of our talent to achieve the goal. The preparation of our work product is an ever evolving process, typically performed in phases that enables us to review the results of each completed phase and plan for future work. Analysis of findings is focused and refined as our work progresses and information emerges.

Lastly, we remain steadfast in our dedication to our company values with a focus on service at the forefront.