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Alex Szatanek, PE

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Alex Szatanek, PE

Professional Engineer


773-634-5366 (Work)
312-405-1242 (Mobile)
1901 Butterfield Rd, 4th Floor, Suite 420
Downers Grove, IL 60515

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Alex Szatanek is a licensed professional engineer with over 20 years of consulting experience performing forensic assessments, condition assessments, and due diligence investigations for the facades and roofs of buildings and structures. Mr. Szatanek also has experience with managing and performing damage assessments and estimating for buildings and roofs for insurance claims, consulting on construction defect claim evaluations for surety claims, and performing construction consulting. Mr. Szatanek has consulted on stadiums, hotels, office buildings, condominium buildings, apartment buildings, parking garages, warehouses, industrial buildings, retail strip centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and private residences.

Mr. Szatanek has been responsible for conducting, preparing, and managing forensic investigations for building failures and construction defects of building envelope components. Many of the forensic investigation projects lead to the preparation of drawings and specifications that were competitively bid to contractors. Mr. Szatanek performed construction administration services, commonly referred to as owner’s representation, during the progress of the construction which included, among other things, routine site inspections performed from the ground or suspended scaffolds, conducting progress meetings, design of repairs for unforeseen conditions, reviewing submittals, and reviewing contractor payment applications.

Facade projects typically involved cladding materials such as brick masonry, limestone, terra cotta, reinforced/precast concrete, metal curtain walls, stucco, and exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS). As part of many of the forensic investigations, code-required hands-on inspections (i.e., critical facade examinations) were performed. Additional investigations included water testing to facade components. Water testing was performed per the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) “AAMA 502 - Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls and Sloped Glazing Systems” and a modified ASTM E-1105 “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Installed Exterior Windows, Skylights, Doors, and Curtain Walls”.

Roofing projects typically involved materials such as modified bitumen systems, single-ply systems (e.g., EPDM, TPO, PVC, and rolled roofing), cold-applied systems, hot-applied systems, built-up roofing (BUR) systems, and asphalt composition shingles. Forensic and damage assessments included wind, hail, water intrusion, and construction defect claims. Parking garage projects typically involved materials such as normal and light-weight reinforced concrete, precast concrete, and post-tensioned concrete structures. As part of the initial forensic investigation, areas of deteriorated concrete were documented and quantified using methods prescribed in ASTM D4580 “Standard Practice for Measuring Delamination in Concrete Bridge Decks by Sounding”.

Mr. Szatanek also performed inspections for property loss claims for fires, water intrusion, wind, hurricane, building collapses, and water intrusion claims. In many claims, a detailed estimate was prepared for the damage related to the claim, including any required code upgrades.

Mr. Szatanek has experience in working with property managers, facility managers, condominium boards, lawyers, contractors, other consultants, private homeowners, and building officials.

Professional Registration:

PE 70703 / AZ [State of Arizona Professional Engineering License]

PE.0056121 / CO [State of Colorado Professional Engineering License]

PE 89083 / FL [State of Florida Engineering License]

PE 62.06659 / IL [State of Illinois Professional Engineering License]

PE-12000068 / IN [State of Indiana Professional Engineering License]

P25653 / IA [State of Iowa Professional Engineering License]

PE 27469 / KS [State of Kansas Professional Engineering License]

PE 35444 / KY [State of Kentucky Engineering License]

PE 6201068929 / MI [State of Michigan Professional Engineering License]

PE 57408 / MN [State of Minnesota Professional Engineering License]

PE 20200002910 / MO [State of Missouri Professional Engineering License]

PE-17896 / NE [State of Nebraska Engineering License]

PE-28306 / ND [State of North Dakota Engineering License]

PE 37598 / SC [State of South Carolina Engineering License]

PE 14563 / SD [State of South Dakota Engineering License]

PE 137311 / TX [State of Texas Engineering License]

PE 11703482-2202 / UT [State of Utah Engineering License]

0420048784 / VA [Commonwealth of Virginia Engineer in Training Certification]

PE 47759-6 / WI [State of Wisconsin Engineering License]

OSHA 29 CFR 1910 & 1926 – Arial Boom Lift Certificate of Completion

OSHA [10-Hour Construction Safety]

CDT [Certified – CSI Construction Documents Technologist (CDT)