Ben Daee, PhD, P.Eng, PE

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Dr. Ben Daee is a qualified expert witness in Civil/Structural Engineering specializing in the forensic investigation of complex construction claims/litigation matters, the standard of care assessment, and root cause analysis. After receiving a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, he earned his M.S. and PhD degrees in Structural Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Canada (AB, BC, MB, NS, NB, NL, ON, PEI, SK) and the U.S. (CO, MI, NY, NC, PA, WA) with two decades of experience in forensic investigation, analysis, and design of industrial, residential, institutional, and commercial construction projects.

As a forensic expert, he regularly provides consultation to lawyers, insurance experts, contractors, manufacturers, owners, corporations, and municipalities about complex civil engineering litigations and claims related to building/structural failure, property damage, design/build issues, foundation issues, material failures, subrogation matters, professional and municipal liability, and engineering error and omission. Dr. Daee has conducted forensic investigations on several P3 infrastructure projects across Canada and the U.S. to opine on the standard of care of engineers/contractors, fundamental breach of contract, verification of claims, procurement issues, and scope of remediation.

His forensic engineering experience includes failure analysis of various buildings, structural components, and foundation systems due to fire, flood, impact, natural disasters, or vibration. He represents contractors, consulting firms, builders, owners, and engineers concerning cases involving professional negligence, code compliance, design errors, and construction disputes. Dr. Daee holds construction law, contract law, and project delivery methods certifications. He attended mediation, arbitration, expert hot-tubbing, and settlement meetings to assist in dispute resolution. He has been pre-qualified as the Construction Adjudicator by ODACC under the Prompt Payment Construction Act.

Key Expertise

  • Standard of Care Assessment
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Design & Construction Deficiencies Investigation
  • Engineering Liability Evaluation
  • Failure & Collapse Analysis
  • Fundamental Breach Investigation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Claims & Damage Verification
  • Dispute Resolution

Professional Registration:

  • P.Eng 255574 / AB [Professional Engineer with APEGA, Alberta]
  • P.Eng 45337 / BC [Professional Engineer with APEGBC, British Columbia]
  • P.Eng 46391 / MB [Professional Engineer with EGMB, Manitoba]
  • P.Eng 20210114 / NS [Professional Engineer with ENS, Nova Scotia]
  • P.Eng L6204 / NB [Professional Engineer with APEGNB, New Brunswick]
  • P.Eng 100225105 / ON [Professional Engineer with PEO, Ontario, Canada]
  • P.Eng 57170 / SK [Professional Engineer with APEGS, Saskatchewan]
  • PE 0063944 / CO [State of Colorado Professional Engineering License}
  • PE 6201065547 / MI [State of Michigan Professional Engineering License]
  • PE 109688 / NY [State of New York Engineering License]
  • PE 058181 / NC [State of North Carolina Engineering License]
  • PE095709 / PA [State of Pennsylvania Engineering License]
  • PE 24006576 / WA [State of Washington Engineering License]
  • Registered Professional Engineer with PEGNL (P.Eng.) Newfoundland, # 10682
  • Registered Professional Engineer with PEI Eng. (P.Eng.) PEI, # 2647
  • Certification in Construction Law: York University, Osgood Law School, Toronto
  • Certification in Contract Law: e-Harvard University
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer: Snell Group, Toronto

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