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Cori LeBlanc

Learn more about J.S. Held's recent acquisitions of VWM Analytics and Twenty First Century Engineering.

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Cori LeBlanc is a building consultant for J.S Held, a respected construction consulting firm whose work includes inspection of damaged buildings, methods, and costs of repair, estimating cost of mitigation, monitoring job site progress, review and reporting on contractor’s invoices, and calculation of Replacement Cash Value. J.S. Held has evaluated damage to more than 25,000 buildings and structures throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. Assignments have included commercial and industrial structures, high-tech facilities, sports stadiums, bridges, roads, railways, multi-unit structures, historic buildings, and residences. The company has evaluated damages caused by fire, windstorm, hurricane, tornado, collapse, vandalism, acts of terrorism, flood, earthquake, insect infestation, soil movement and expansion, and vehicular/aircraft impact.

Prior to joining J.S. Held, Cori spent over 15 years in the construction and restoration industries where he developed his understanding of estimating and project management of residential and commercial buildings. Cori has had direct involvement in several provincial catastrophes including the 2013 Calgary and Southern Alberta Floods, and multiple hail events. He maintains a strong understanding of insurance protocols and produces exceptional reporting through ongoing communication with his clients throughout the claims process.