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Employee Spotlight: Megan Mason

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August 14, 2019
Megan Mason, Fire Investigator I
Megan Mason, Fire Investigator I

What truly differentiates J.S. Held is our people — world-class talent driven by a common set of core values. Together, these shared values inspire a culture of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and service.


Get to know Megan Mason, CFEI, IAAI-ECT.

Megan has served as a volunteer firefighter since the age of 14, starting off as a Junior Member and ultimately progressing through the ranks to become Quartermaster. In January of 2016, her career in the fire consulting world began.

Upon joining J.S. Held in November of 2018, Megan has quickly made a name for herself and earned the utmost respect of her clients and colleagues. Megan is the central evidence collection and storage coordinator for J.S. Held, based out of Voorheesville, New York, and also provides support to our Fire & Explosion Investigators. She has obtained her IAAI-ECT certification, which is an internationally recognized accomplishment indicating a comprehensive, tested knowledge of the proper means of identifying, collecting, and documenting evidence.

Stuart Morrison, Vice President - Fire Origin & Cause Director
Stuart Morrison, Vice President - Fire Origin & Cause Director


Managing evidence storage and collection, while also overseeing any joint exams, requires an extreme attention to detail and a thorough understanding of governing rules and regulations. While knowledge can be gained through studying, essential character traits are forged over the years and become deeply rooted in who we are. Responsibility, ambition, thoroughness, and the understanding of what it takes to get the job done right are the bounty from the seeds in which Megan arose.

Megan grew up on a 300-acre horse farm passed down from generation to generation. A farm that is run solely by Megan’s mother today. Life on the farm is tough and demands a lot, consistently. While most kids were running around the local mall or playing video games, Megan was on the farm fulfilling her daily responsibilities. “The idea of weekends and holidays is not something that animals or produce understand. Life on the farm is 24/7, 365, rain or shine,” said Megan.

Litigation is ruthless and leaves no room for error, which has major implications on evidence collection and storage. However, having every action and decision analyzed under a microscope is not something that intimidates Megan. Her entire life has been the product of every action having an immediate and impactful reaction on not only herself but others. It’s one of the reasons why she has an immense passion for the fire side of the business and putting herself last and the mission and her peers first.

Professional Interests

Prior to joining J.S. Held, Megan served in roles as a heavy equipment operator, preschool teacher, livestock transporter, and fire restoration technician. In her current role, she leverages each of these experiences in various ways, including the utilization of trucks and heavy equipment to collect and store evidence, systematically organize the collections, and to provide insight and support on fire-related matters.

Employee Spotlight: Megan Mason
Employee Spotlight: Megan Mason

Megan’s unrivaled passion and unwavering accountability make her a valuable asset to any organization or agency she is involved with, professionally or voluntarily. In fact, she was named the Knox Fire Department Firefighter of the Year in 2017, one of the greatest accomplishments there is in the fire and public service industry.

Personal Interests

Away from work, Megan can be found tending to the farm, spending time with her fiancé, learning to be the world’s greatest step-mom to two wonderful and destructive boys, and continuing her work with the local fire department, which runs more than 400 non-EMS calls a year. One of her fondest memories is of the days she would pick worms from the horse manure pile later to be used at an afternoon fishing session with her grandpa, George.

Megan Mason, Fire Investigator I
Megan Mason, Fire Investigator I


Interested in learning more about Megan Mason? Connect with her on LinkedIn or send her an email at

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