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Employee Spotlight: Troy Bradley

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June 4, 2019
Troy Bradley, Director - MEP & Equipment
Troy Bradley, Director - MEP & Equipment

What truly differentiates J.S. Held is our people — world-class talent driven by a common set of core values. Together, these shared values inspire a culture of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and service.


Get to know Troy Bradley.

Troy Bradley has been with J.S. Held for nearly three years, and in that time, he has become an integral part of our Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing (MEP) and Equipment Practice Group. Troy is based out of our Atlanta, Georgia office and brings a high degree of integrity and enthusiasm to his work that embodies J.S. Held’s Core Values.

“Troy’s attention to detail and the work he produces for our clients is beyond reproach,” said Clifton Bobbitt, Operations Manager – Atlanta, GA. “He puts in the extra effort to fully understand our client’s needs to make sure their expectations are met, and their experience is truly first-class.”

Whether he is managing projects, performing site inspections, estimating cost of repairs, or reviewing contractor invoices; Troy approaches every project with absolute diligence and a personable touch. He is characterized by clients and peers as being trustworthy, amicable, and receptive in every interaction.

Troy Bradley
Troy Bradley


Troy’s career starts with his enlistment in the United States Air Force, which lent him his formal training and experience in electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems. His main objective in the Air Force was to make sure that planes had reliable equipment that could perform under extreme conditions and stay in the air. After four years in the service, Troy went to work for a plastics manufacturer as the Assistant Dispatch Manager in charge of logistics. The challenge of operating in a new industry is something that fueled Troy and pushed him to acquire, assess, and quickly disseminate information, which is a skill he heavily leans on to this day.

After a while, Troy took his passion for a good challenge to the agricultural industry, where he built greenhouses around the country. His involvement in the development of these structures kick-started his path back into electrical systems and also introduced him to the world of estimating, which he wasn’t aware of until later on. While serving in agricultural construction and machinery supply, Troy gained a knowledge of how to effectively communicate with a diverse group of clients and an appreciation for the various elements of construction, from the ground up.

The next chapter of his career takes place in the warehouses of Arm & Hammer, where Troy was involved in the maintenance and repair of their manufacturing equipment, HVAC systems, and standard building components. Fast-forward a few years and Troy is on the move from New Jersey to Atlanta where he would work for a few more manufacturing organizations closely involved with the upkeep of machinery, but with the added responsibility of risk management and industrial safety.

And now we enter into the part of Troy’s work history that leads us into the property damage arena. In 2008, he started working for a construction consulting company as an Electrical Construction Consultant responsible for assessing electrical systems and developing repair estimates, based on his experience with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. His exposure to the consulting side of the business got his gears turning and revealed the career path he would stay on for the next decade.

In October of 2016, Troy made the decision to join J.S. Held after years of working together with Paul Christoferson, Tim Woods, and a long list of fellow J.S. Held team members. “After being in the industry for awhile it became apparent to me that J.S. Held was the front-runner on a lot of the biggest projects and their consultants were viewed as the best. I for one love a great challenge and wanted to get in on some of the work they were doing at the time, so I came over and haven’t looked back since. One of the best decisions I’ve made,” said Troy.


With a wealth of experience and years of exposure to a variety of MEP and equipment systems, Troy is recognized as one of the top subject matter experts in the Southeast. Throughout his career, he has consulted on some of the nation’s largest property damage claims related to electrical systems. One of which was a 52-story office building in New York that experienced severe flooding as a result of Superstorm Sandy. Troy was brought into the project as the electrical consultant in charge of developing an estimate for the total sum of all electrical damages.

Employee Spotlight: Troy Bradley
Employee Spotlight: Troy Bradley

The same reasons Troy joined J.S. Held are what inspire him on a daily basis – to work on some of the largest, most complex matters and be pushed by his peers, which he considers, “second to none”.


Away from work, Troy can be found in his workshop customizing his latest street bike to amplify its power, speed, and street appeal. Taking road trips in excess of five or six hours with a group of fellow riders is a commonality for Troy’s weekends, whenever he isn’t at one of his kids’ sporting events or hanging out with his wife, Keenya. He also enjoys relaxing to some smooth Jazz and working on DIY projects around the house.

Troy Bradley
Troy Bradley

Troy also volunteers at local swim meets where he and his two boys, Troy and Keenyn, have been fixtures within the community for more than 10 years.


Interested in learning more about Troy Bradley? Send him an email at

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