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J.S. Held Operations Update

J.S. Held is available to support clients throughout the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. We will continue regular communication with our clients while providing requested project support. Below is more information on how we are continuing our operations, working on projects, and supporting clients during this time.

This information is also available in PDF format, which can be downloaded here: View PDF

J.S. Held's Current Services Specific to COVID-19

It is important to note that our COVID-19 team includes a Ph.D. Epidemiologist, who worked at the Center for Disease Control on SARS, Toxicologists, and Infection Control Risk Assessors.

Our team has been involved in preparation and cleanup plans associated with bloodborne pathogens, Ebola, Norovirus, and other infectious diseases.

How is J.S. Held Supporting Clients at This Time?

  • All regular services
  • Evaluation of risks and pandemic disease planning and business response plans
  • Surface sampling to evaluate the cleanliness of surfaces and screen for the presence or absence of microorganism contamination
  • Development of site-specific cleaning protocols and procedures
  • Observation monitoring of cleaning activities to document cleaning, review protocol compliance, and cost monitoring
  • Technical support from Ph.D. Epidemiologist, Toxicologists, and Infection Control Risk Assessors
  • Assessors on controlling outbreaks and transmission prevention procedures
  • Preparation of clearance testing by industrial hygienists
  • Assist clients in obtaining the services of a qualified remediation contractor and developing the remediation scope and protocols
  • Evaluation of contingent business interruption damages
  • Evaluation of outbreaks to determine incidence and Cause & Origin
  • Respiratory protection training (fit testing, etc.) And other Personal Protective Equipment training
  • Hazard communication
  • Review of lost income
  • COVID-19 presentation and training:
    • (a) webinar presentation regarding COVID-19 exposure concerns, health hazards, recommended precautions, recommended cleaning, etc.
    • (b) webinar training for custodial/maintenance staff or other personnel conducting cleaning/maintenance

J.S. Held Technology-Enabled Services

J.S. Held utilizes industry-leading technology to provide enhanced data to clients on projects.


We utilize HoloBuilder, which allows us to:

  • Insert 360° images into building floor plans or drawn-up field sketches to create a virtual 3D walk-through of a project site
  • Document sites from the smallest residential property to multiple commercial buildings on different properties with multiple floors, all in one report
  • Add follow-up inspections and include those images in the same report to show progress

The highlight of HoloBuilder is that it allows us to do all of this documentation at a rapid pace while onsite. This platform has not only proven useful for our internal reference while working on a project, it has also proven invaluable for our clients as a reference to the site, especially if they were unable to walk the site themselves.


The use of Matterport technology allows us to:

  • Scan a site and create dimensionally accurate floor plans
  • Gather quantities of scope
  • Log 2D photos
  • Provide a high-definition, 3D walk-through of a site

This process allows a significant portion of our work to be performed off-site and provides high-quality visuals.


We have 46 FAA-certified pilots strategically located across the US, Mexico, and South America.

  • All our drones utilize a high-resolution 4K camera
  • We also have two drones with IR cameras (utilized by our Roofing & Engineering Divisions)

Our drone services allow us:

  • A unique opportunity to avoid human contact during these unprecedented times, since we don’t require oversight or building access to fly over a structure to conduct our inspection
  • The ability to quickly capture the necessary information to make rapid assessments of exterior damage, roof penetrations or issues, and construction site monitoring
  • To conduct quick inspections. Our drone inspections are usually completed in less than 30 minutes of flight time, yet still provide an unprecedented number of high-quality photos and videos to utilize in our evaluations of the loss event

How can J.S. Held Support Clients if There Are Partial or Complete Shutdowns of Offices?

  • All J.S. Held staff are working from home and all non-essential travel is limited
  • Due to our large geographic coverage, we will continue to service clients by leveraging local resources and technology
  • We have staff within a three-hour driving distance of 95% of the US population, enabling us to continue site inspections

How is J.S. Held's Staff Equipped to Work Remotely from Home & Maintain Daily Operations?

  • All J.S. Held’s core technology systems are cloud-based and can be accessed easily from any location
  • Our corporate data storage and collaboration tools are on a secure, cloud-based system
  • Two-factor authentication covers both office and home, so we can work securely. Our cybersecurity systems are cloud-based as well
  • J.S. Held staff have company-provided cell phones and Microsoft Teams-based calling and routing, which also enables us to work in an office and remotely

What is J.S. Held Doing to Maintain Safety When on Job Sites?

  • Before going on a field assignment, our teams contact the internal COVID-19 Safety Team, who performs risk assessments and provides guidance on a case-by-case basis

What Surge Plans Are in Place if a Material Number of Staff Are Affected by the Virus?

  • As with any catastrophic situation, maintaining capacity for work surge or to compensate for staff who are unable to handle assignments is our top priority and monitored daily
  • We leverage virtual work solutions to ensure the proper staff is in place to respond to geographic needs
  • We can relocate staff geographically if we need to increase resources in targeted areas

What Are Our Contingency Plans in the Event a Catastrophic Event Confluents with an Acute Impact from the Virus?

As with all catastrophes, we will (subject to government restrictions):

  • Mobilize all necessary staff
  • Ask clients to triage matters that require expertise
  • Move staff into the affected CAT zones as we have for previous CATs

Concerns with Managing a CAT Event Alongside the Virus

  • Our greatest concern is the health and wellbeing of our staff and those they encounter
  • As noted below, because we have epidemiologists and toxicologists on staff, we are continually updating our internal recommendations and company requirements to ensure that all staff are safe

For more information, please contact the J.S. Held Safety team at
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