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Alejandro Gutierrez Perez


+52 55 54818130 (Work)
Av. Revolución 1911, 3rd Floor
México City , 01000

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Alejandro Gutierrez Perez is a civil engineer with over 14 years of experience. Alejandro’s experience has taught him to be cautious of trends in design and construction development made on prefabricates and strained on site, as well as in the supervision and coordination of projects. He is able to analyze, in detail, all the stages apart of this process, likewise, his experience with the Government in the Civil Protection Secretariat, in the Sub-Directorate of Prevention in inspection and supervision, emphasizes prevention, mitigation, and restoration operation and preventive supervision, and corrective maintenance in Government buildings, bridges, roads, and physical vulnerability in buildings. Alejandro has recently gained experience in inspecting properties affected by various accidents. He has performed physical eye inspection to elaborate budgets and reviewed costs to reach a repair amount or a total loss.

Alejandro’s professional objective at J.S. Held is to contribute his knowledge of construction, supervision, as well as the restoration of affected properties, caused by different accidents. He hopes to participate in the inspection of buildings and damaged structures, to determine the means that apply and to carry out the repair budget or total amounts of loss in housing, buildings, industrial buildings, bridges, and roads. Alejandro has been able to determine and identify the physical vulnerability in construction and has participated in the supervision of infrastructure, as well as facilities and equipment for its correct operation.

The highlight of Alejandro’s experience is pertinent to the earthquake which occurred in Mexico on September 19, 2017, as well as the damage caused by hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, on September 16, 2017.