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Justin Isabell

Senior Consultant

267-479-0410 (Work)
267-780-3303 (Mobile)
1845 Walnut St., Suite 2300
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Justin W. Isabell is a construction and building expert with a documented background in restoration spanning the last decade bringing this expertise to J.S. Held. With an educational background in architecture, and ten years working in restoration reconstruction, Justin is able to knowledgeably assess loss, identify potential unknowns early on, has a thorough understanding of typical building construction and project duration within and outside of the restoration industry. Justin’s strengths are in construction types, building cost estimating, and commercial drying.

Justin has worked on a large variety of projects including commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and historical with a specialization in commercial drying and reconstruction. Justin brings a demonstrated background of knowledge with construction assemblies, experience on the restoration side of the industry, and an ability to affectively communicate with all mutually interested parties in a productive manner so that all understand the critical path forward to a restored property. His past work experience has included projects on the residential side of the industry as small as $25,000 to large scale commercial restoration projects with more than $50,000,000 exposure. With this breadth of experience Justin can seamlessly assimilate with any project team and provide experience and expertise at a small residential level or on a larger commercial basis. Justin has experience in dealing with multiple market losses and understands the need to work with all materially interested parties in a positive and productive manner no matter the complexity of the claim.

Prior to joining J.S. Held, Justin had worked as an architectural designer for a Boston based firm, as well as a residential/commercial builder before transitioning to a role as a project manager in the restoration industry with a national restoration service provider. All of this has given him a strong understanding of multiple construction types, the science of restorative drying, and the ability to work productively with multiple parties that may have different end goals.