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Environmental Considerations for Hurricane Irma Claims in Florida

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J.S. Held has Florida licensed mold assessors and environmental and industrial hygiene staff to support claims and provide scopes of damages that may impact the repair costs. 

We can also moisture map/thermal image, record building/room measurements, collect photographs, look at damages to equipment and document them. 

1. Florida has a licensing requirement for mold assessors. Mold assessment and remediation design/protocols must be completed by a licensed Florida Mold Assessor. This includes moisture mapping where there is mold.

2. Water intrusion should be mapped to determine remediation/restoration measures, whether it is from flood or wind driven rain.

•   Flood water impacting these properties will be considered Category 3 Water, but specific biocides should be specified (not by restoration contractors) for use to address other contaminants that may be present in the water.

•   Where flood water impacts contents in a property that are sufficiently damaged necessitating disposal, not all materials can be disposed of as construction and demolition debris. These situations can be encountered with grocery stores, hardware stores, etc., where these household cleaners, chemicals, paints, alcoholic beverages, etc. necessitate evaluation for segregation and specific handling and disposal requirements that increase the cost of disposal of these materials.

3. Florida law requires that building materials that will be disturbed for restoration/repair must be tested for asbestos, regardless of the age of construction. Some facility owners may already have sampling results, and sampling may not be necessary.  

4. If a building is child-occupied (children 0 to 6 years of age spending time in the property), lead testing of surfaces to be disturbed for restoration/repair should be performed.  

Click on this link for printable PDF version.