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Bronx, New York

Fresh Direct Headquarters


The approximately 800,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility for Fresh Direct headquarters consolidates the online grocer’s distribution and manufacturing operations, which were previously housed within three different buildings in Long Island City, NY. The facility includes corporate offices and design features that encourage employee socializing and bonding during scheduled breaks to promote workplace wellness.    

J.S. Held was retained to prepare, maintain, and update a CPM construction schedule on the project. An important component of the services required of J.S. Held was working closely with the project team to properly sequence the work to overcome the complicated logistics surrounding the unique design of refrigerated rooms, elevated and stacked equipment platforms, and the elaborate labyrinth of material handling equipment. In addition, J.S. Held’s services included exploring recovery tactics along with the project team whenever slippage in the schedule was experienced, mostly caused by on-the-fly design changes.         

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