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FEMA/NFIP Flood Evaluations

Our FEMA/NFIP floodplain experts stay abreast with local, state and national compliance standards as well as industry standard methodologies.

We employ a two-fold approach to our flood evaluations that emphasizes not only an expert investigation, but also clear communications in our report to you. Our teams are experts in evaluating structures for flood damages and interpreting the ramifications of compliance with both FEMA/NFIP and building codes.

  • Certified Floodplain Managers on Staff
  • Flood Zone Determinations
  • FEMA Flood Map Reviews
  • Local & State Code Requirement Reviews
  • FEMA/NFIP Compliance Verification
  • Post-Disaster Flood Evaluations
  • Flood Evaluation Certificate Reviews
  • Repair Recommendations
  • Flood Elevation Evaluations

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