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Environmental Risk Assessment & Corrective Action

J.S. Held maintains a staff of experienced environmental and safety professionals, committed to supporting client regulatory needs in the industrial, commercial and public sector. We provide a host of services to minimize risk, as we remain dedicated to the protection of public health and the environment. To fully characterize environmental risks associated with past, present, and future site use, we offer the following services:

  • Providing human health and ecological assessments under RCRA/ CERCLA through air quality surveys and groundwater, sediment and soil sampling.
  • Using computer-based exposure and multimedia fate and transport modeling to provide site-specific health and safety plans for the implementation of sampling activities, as well as evaluation of current operation conditions.
  • Providing both permitting assistance and computerized modeling techniques to evaluate the impact on the community, especially relevant if a community has changes in emissions limits or new permitting guidelines.
  • Administering risk assessment methodology to support Dredged Materials Assessments performed under the Army Corps of Engineers Dredging Program, if dredging or performing disposal activities along waterways.

In addition, J.S. Held personnel have extensive experience in using risk assessment to support corrective action measures. The use of these services applies to a variety of different projects, including:

  • Risk-Based Corrective Action
  • Risk-Based Closure
  • Risk-Based Reduction of Post-Closure Care Activities
  • Calculation of Alternate Clean-Up Levels
  • Implementation/Design of Voluntary Remediation Programs
  • Release Modeling/Exposure Analysis
  • Risk-Based Ranking Criteria

Minimizing risks is one of the most important factors in controlling loss and maximizing efficiency on any project. J.S. Held employees have years of experience creating and implementing strategies to recognize, evaluate, and control these risks to property, personnel, and corporate reputation. Our team and equipment is available 24/7 throughout the United Stated and Canada, to provide a rapid response to our client’s environmental, health and safety needs.

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