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Mold Services & Indoor Air Quality

The insurance industry is seeing increasing claims due to the presence of mold in buildings. Occupants can suffer a myriad of health related problems, opening up the building owner to liability. Plus, molds gradually damage the structural integrity of an edifice, weakening wood frames, floors, and walls. From initial investigation to mold remediation, J.S. Held provides clients with a team of certified industrial hygienists, toxicologists and technicians that are dedicated to safeguarding the environment for occupants and ensuring the overall condition of any residential, commercial or municipal property.

Hygiene Enforcement and Mold Remediation

Our mold services are performed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), as well as mold remediation protocols prescribed by the New York Department of Health. To maintain our high standards of quality service, all mold services are performed under the strict supervision of certified industrial hygienists and toxicologists and laboratory services are provided by AIHA-certified laboratories. Furthermore, Daubert principles are followed for the work performed by our expert team.

Using the fundamental principles of industrial hygiene and toxicology, J.S. Held continuously provides our clients with a host of site-specific services to assess mold’s impact to indoor air quality.

Mold Investigations

  • Physical Inspection of the Property for Mold
  • Collection of Mold Samples using Swabs, Bulk Samples, and/ or Cellophane Tape Samples
  • Analysis of Potential Air Quality Impact by Collection of Air-O-Cells & Cultured Plates
  • Determination of Mold / Moisture Cause & Origin

Mold Remediation

  • Design of Mold Abatement/ Remediation Measures
  • Performance of Abatement Oversight, Excluding Documentation Summaries
  • Performance of Mold Clearance Inspections by Visual & Analytical Methodology
  • Provision of Building Clearance Documentation

Litigation/ Case Support

  • Expert Testimony, Following the Daubert Standard

Indoor Air Quality

J.S. Held also performs extensive indoor air quality (IAQ) services that include the evaluation of workplace exposures for compliance and auditing purposes, performance of air monitoring associated with mold, lead or asbestos abatement activities, evaluation of airborne occupational hazards, and the performance of hazard assessments. Our services are backed by trained, certified staff and an extensive equipment list to evaluate the varying types of conditions that influence indoor air quality.

IAQ work can be performed for OSHA or EPA compliance purposes, for loss investigatory needs, as well as assessing IAQ issues that may arise after moisture intrusion or water damage. All work is summarized with detailed, written reports, site photographs, sampling and analysis methodology, reporting results, and recommendations regarding any requisite future actions. Our staff can provide computerized dispersion models for various client needs based on the in-depth findings.

IAQ Services

  • Compliance Auditing & Documentation
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Air Sampling & Monitoring
  • Air Monitoring for Abatement Activities
  • Computerized Dispersion Modeling
  • Odor Control Evaluations
  • Accidental/ Release Modeling
  • Insurance Damage/ Loss Claims Assessment
  • Expert Testimony/ Litigation Support Claims
  • Clearance Sampling for Building Re-Occupancy

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