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Process Safety & Risk Management

Process safety management and risk management compliance is an integral part of successful facility operations. These programs and procedures minimize liability, personal injury and property damage, as well as reduce potential fines for accidents and injuries. To minimize liability and retain compliance with environmental and safety regulations, J.S. Held provides personnel dedicated to the proactive identification, evaluation and mitigation of these risks.

Process Safety Management

The process safety management (PSM) of Highly Hazardous Chemicals standard (29 CFR 1910.119) was implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to assure safe and healthful workplaces. This standard contains specific requirements for the management of hazards associated with processes using highly hazardous chemicals. OSHA’s standard emphasizes the management of hazards associated with these chemicals and establishes a comprehensive management program that integrates technologies, procedures, and management practices. J.S. Held personnel can assist in properly implementing all fourteen elements of the PSM program, as well as audit current PSM programs for compliance with the program.

Risk Management Plan

A risk management plan (RMP) offers regulations and guidance for chemical accident prevention at facilities that use regulated substances. The intent of the RMP is to focus on impacts occurring offsite as well as helping local fire, police and emergency response teams prepare for and respond to chemical emergencies.  Our personnel will use a systematic approach to analyze environmental and public health impacts, develop an accurate and understandable plan to improve accident prevention, and implement emergency response procedures, all while working with the client to implement plans and procedures that can be utilized effectively.

Process Safety and Risk Management Services

  • Program Auditing & Evaluation
  • Prevention Program Assessment
  • Offsite Consequence Analysis
  • Worst Case/Alternative Case Release Scenarios
  • Dispersion Modeling
  • Accident History Analysis
  • Process Hazard Analysis Review
  • Management of Change
  • Training
  • Public Communication
  • Submittal of Risk Management Plans
  • Integration of Risk Management Plans with Process Safety Management
  • Emergency Planning & Response Requirements

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