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Roofing Lab

By combining our technical expertise with industry leading technology, our team of engineers, architects, and consultants are able to collaborate on complex roofing matters across the world to deliver accurate and reliable answers.

Our four cornerstone tests allow us to examine and research roofing samples through desaturation analysis, single-ply analysis, ice ball impacting, and water column testing.

Roofing Lab Services:

Desaturation Analysis

  • Beginning with general inspection, desaturation analysis considers damages from a holistic standpoint.
  • In reviewing the materials pre-desaturation, our team of experts can identify baseline anomalies, classify material types, and document sample conditions. We then run the sample through our vapor degreaser to remove surfacing and bitumen to extract the sample’s structural reinforcements.
  • The removal of both surfacing and asphalt allows for a damage assessment to take place on a more detailed level.

Impact Testing

  • Impact testing is used to simulate hail impacts to roofing materials.
  • Impact testing can be used to determine hail damage thresholds.
  • Samples are attached to a test fixture which replicates support conditions.
  • Samples are then impacted with various sizes of freezer ice balls while variables such as weight and velocity are measured, and impact energies are calculated.
  • Impact testing can be used for comparative analysis, which helps to differentiate effects of natural weathering, material defects, and mechanical efforts.

Single-Ply Analysis

  • Single-Ply Analysis uses magnification and high-intensity backlighting to assess material conditions.

Water Column Testing

  • Water Column Testing determines whether a roofing membrane leaks when exposed to 6" of water through the roofing membrane over a continuous seven-day period.
  • Water Column Testing is performed in accordance with ASTM D7281.

Chain of Custody Document

View and download our chain of custody document for roofing lab samples.

Roofing Lab Overview

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