Commercial Equipment Consulting

CEIPS, a J.S. Held Company, is a national leader in the performance of loss assessment and pricing on a wide variety of equipment.

With more than 40 years of experience, our experts can provide high quality technical assistance to fairly and accurately assess damage to commercial equipment – on site or via file review, when practical. We provide reliable and achievable repair or replacement pricing, as well as the actual cash value and/or fair market value appraisals.

We have extensive experience on a national basis with the following equipment:

Supermarkets  |  Restaurants  |  Retail Stores  |  Machine Shops  |  Universities  |  School Fixtures  |  Cafeterias  |  Retail Backrooms  |  Record Storage |  Offices  |  Industrial Equipment  |  Hardware Stores  |  Plating Manufacturing  |  Book Binding  |  Printing Equipment  |  Gas Stations  |  Auto Repair Facilities  |  Off-Highway Equipment  |  Golf/Country Clubs  |  Signage  | Convenience Stores  |  Construction Equipment  |  Light Manufacturing  |  Hotel Furnishings  |  Dental Equipment  |  Ophthalmology  |   Medical Equipment  |  Radiology & X-Ray  |  Veterinary Equipment |  Distribution Centers  |  Parts Storage Systems  |  Manufacturing Storage Systems  |  Manufacturing Conveyer Systems  |  Assembly Manufacturing  |  Material Handling Systems  |  Warehouse Equipment  |  Dry Cleaning Equipment |  Commercial Laundry  |  Commercial Trucks/Trailer  |  HVAC & Refrigeration  |  Wholesalers  |  Drug Stores  | Tools – Commercial & Professional  |  Food Processing  |  Aggregate Conveyors  |  Car Washes 

For more information, contact Cathy Sarrocco, Assistant Vice President, at 330-655-0779 or

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