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Water & Smoke Restoration Consulting

Restoring a building after a catastrophe is a science. 

Temperature and relative humidity readings can be taken to determine the specific humidity. A comparison can be drawn between the specific humidity of the exterior air, ambient interior air of the affected area, ambient interior air of the unaffected area, dehumidifier exhaust air, and the HVAC system to verify if a balanced drying system is in place and if effective drying is occurring.

J.S. Held can assure effective and complete structural drying without excessive cost or investigative damage.

  • J.S. Held uses proper testing equipment to determine if the right amount of drying equipment is in place to properly dry – or we can determine if the equipment is excessive.
  • Our team reviews daily monitoring reports after drying is completed. This allows us to verify effectiveness in regards to billing.

Moisture Control and Dry Down

  • Obtain daily temperature and humidity readings
  • Review daily monitoring reports from drying contractor
  • Prepare psychometric charting
  • Prepare spreadsheet comparison of specific humidity readings
  • Verify equipment count and layout against industry standards (S-500)
  • Verify dehumidification calculations for a balanced drying system
  • Review billing invoice for accuracy and effectiveness of dry down
  • Cost analysis between drying and replacement of building materials

Remediation Monitoring Services

  • Inspect containment to verify proper construction
  • Verify negative air placed per hygienist protocol and standards
  • Inspection and verify proper PPE (personal protective equipment) usage
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Obtain the boundaries of the water damage in an extremely fast and effective manner
  • Non-Destructive testing to show thermal anomalies where moisture is present

Desk Review of Invoices

  • Cost effective way to review smaller invoices
  • Review billing invoice and support
  • Review equipment sizing and readings for analysis of usage period

J.S. Held Consultants Hold Various Certifications Including:

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

Master Water Damage Restoration Certification (MWR)

Water Damage Restoration Certification (WRT)

Applied Structural Drying Certification (ASD)

Applied Microbial Remediation Certification (AMRT)

Contact John DiMenno at (412) 794-8070 or jdimenno@jsheld.com for more information.

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