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May 9, 2019

Richard Sexton, VP of J.S. Held will present at the ABA Tips 2019 Conference on "The Surety Engineer: A View From Inside"

Presenter(s): Richard Sexton of J.S. Held, Paul Schraf of Liberty Mutual Insurance, Curtis Cline of Markel Surety, Adam Feldman of The Hartford, Michele Pro LaForm of Alan Gray, LLC, and Robert Riggs of the Hanover Insurance Group
JW Marriott Austin

April 25, 2019

Tracey Dodd Presents Environmental Issues Following a Natural Disaster at the ABA's 2019 Annual Meeting

Presenter(s): Tracey Dodd
The Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, FL

April 10, 2019

J.S. Held Executive Vice President, Environmental, Health, & Safety Services, Tracey Dodd and Hennessey Law Partner, Michael Hennessy will present together on environmental liability cases. 

Environmental Liability Cases
Presenter(s): Tracey Dodd, Michael Hennessy
Club France, Ciudad de México, Mexico

April 1, 2019

Jon Held to present on Large Loss: Disputed Claims & the Decision-Making Process Panel at The 2019 PLRB Claims Conference

Presenter(s): Jonathon Held of J.S. Held, Taylor Archambault of Liberty Mutual, and Matthew Ponzi of Foran Glennon Palandech
JW Marriott Indianapolis

March 28, 2019

Felipe Gutierrez and Federico Poucel Maldonaldo to present at the 2nd Annual Latin American Congress

Presenter(s): Felipe Gutierrez and Federico Poucel Maldonaldo
University UTEPSA

March 21, 2019

J.S. Held presents two topics, Navigating the Slippery Slope of Roofing Assessments & Top Ten Building Code Questions Related to Estimate Writing

Presenter(s): Chad Zielinski, Timothy Moore
Topgolf , 17321 NW 7th Avenue Miami Gardens, FL

January 9, 2019

White Paper: Storm Damage Repair Requirements by Timothy Moore & Robin Davies

A Guide to Navigating the Existing Building Code
PDF Overview