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Technical Topics

Cyber Claims: A Guide to Calculating Business Interruption

While cyber was incorporated in some general liability policies (GL) of the 1980s, the first cyber standalone policy was written in 1997 through AIG. Though groundbreaking, as it was the first to address cybersecurity, it was a third-party liability policy only. According to Statista, standalone...

Technical Topics

Common Causes of Electric Space Heater Fires & Methods of Prevention

We all love staying warm in winter. We turn up the thermostat, burn logs in our fireplace; heat up the bed with an electric blanket, and sometimes use electric space heaters to keep the temperature cozy. When it comes to space heaters, it’s important to...

Technical Topics

Fact or Fiction: Can You Trust Your Fire Investigator’s Report?

What separates a reliable fire cause determination from just another speculative opinion? An objective report rooted in scientific facts. In this report, we will examine key considerations that must be top of mind when developing or reviewing investigative reports following a fire....

Technical Topics

The First Step in a Proper Site Evaluation: Health & Safety Analysis

While some hazards are readily visible and easily noticeable, others are hidden. Whether it’s a roof evaluation or a major fire to a manufacturing plant, being properly prepared for site hazards with adequate equipment for access and personal protective equipment (PPE) is paramount. But how...

Technical Topics

The Vulnerability of Dams: A Rising Threat to Life & Property

There is an increasing risk of dam failures which result in loss of life and property throughout the United States. As metropolitan areas continue to grow there is greater need for stormwater control and a reliable source of clean drinking water, which dams can provide...

Technical Topics

HVAC & Refrigeration: What To Look For & Where

Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) equipment is often included in building damage loss claims or forensic building assessments, especially those system components that are installed outdoors. If you write or review large estimates, this paper will explain the most common HVAC&R systems and how...

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